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Steven Hacker Photography provides high quality event images to clients promptly and at very competitive prices.

Steven Hacker won dozens of awards during his 40-year long career in exhibitions and event planning. Combining his hands-on event, exhibition and meetings management experience with his outstanding and award-winning photographic skills means he brings the perspective of an event planner to every image he shoots. No other professional photographer has the insights and instincts needed to know which are the 'must have' images that take place during a typical event. It's the reason why Steven Hacker has quickly become the professional photographer of choice for so many event planners.

Visit his blog at http:/​/​www.​stevenhackerphotography.​com/​blog/​

Because he is driven by his passion for photography, when he isn't working an event you will find him shooting for his own amusement. Visit examples of his creative work at http:/​/​www.​stevenhackerphotography.​com/​artistic-​photography